City: Helsinki, Finland
Venue: Helsingin Kulttuuritalo
Date: November 25, 1974


This is Queen's first and only concert in Finland, possibly because the venue was only half full, according to this article in Finnish.

The article also mentions how Freddie did his usual "what comes next?" during the brief breakdown in the second chorus of Son And Daughter, and there was no response from the audience while he was hoping for "to be a woman!"

The band are compared directly to Led Zeppelin in an ad in the local newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. Thanks to Arc for bits of information about this show.

The second set concert pictures are from a Finnish book called "Korkealta ja kovaa - rokkikuvia 70-luvulta" (thanks to Adrian Robles, Kimmo Pulli and Leonardo Pelz for the scans). The third set was taken by Anne Achte, and the last by Hans Paul.

Earlier in the day the band were interviewed by a 12 year old named Juha Kakkuri at the Intercontinental Hotel.

It has been said that a soundboard recording of this show exists in the archives of a Finnish radio station, although this is very unlikely, as someone who searched the radio station's archives insists the recording could not be found. This person also reports that many credible sources in Finland have denied the existence of a Queen concert recording.

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