City: Lund, Sweden
Venue: Olympen
Date: November 27, 1974


On the way to this show the band's truck driver crashed into a low bridge. An article from a Thursday Oslo newspaper says the accident happened on Wednesday [Nov 27] 12 miles [Scandinavian miles, one of which is ten kilometres] south of Stockholm. It adds that nobody was hurt, but that the band's instruments and other equipment were heavily damaged. A mad scramble ensued to assemble gear to ensure the gig went on.

The second set of photos was taken by Bolle Gregmar. More photos from this show can be seen at

Queen were supposed to play a gig at The Tivoli in Copenhagen the next night, but the gig was cancelled because only 17 tickets sold (as reported in Billboard magazine). There are pictures of them in the city during the day, but since Copenhagen is only about 20 miles from Lund, the band were still able to do the photo session and an interview as planned.

The article above says the Friday gig [originally intended to be played at the Njårdhallen but later changed to Chateau Neuf] in Oslo was cancelled as well, which the band confirmed on the Wednesday. Tickets were refunded. Their next show wouldn't be until December 2 in Munich.

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