City: B÷blingen, Germany
Venue: Sporthalle
Date: May 10, 1982

Some pictures from this show were taken by Josh von Staudach.

Recording length: 9 minutes (1 DVD, incomplete)
Video quality: B+
Source: Audience
Lineage: 8mm silent video > ? > DVD-R (x)


About nine minutes of silent cine footage exist from what is reputedly this show, but it is actually a compilation of footage from two shows (and heavily edited by someone down the line).

Older copies of the footage were so high generation that they had much saturation and switched back and forth between colour and black and white, but this copy is fully in colour.

The source of this amateur footage remains in question. The 8mm format was declining in popularity in the 80s in favour of other formats, but this is likely an 8mm film because most (if not all) other gear available around this time had the ability to record sound.

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