City: Oakland, CA, USA
Venue: Oakland Coliseum Arena
Date: July 13, 1980


This is the first of two consecutive nights in Oakland. Only the first night was originally scheduled, according to an early tour itinerary.

"I'll bet a lot of you didn't know I could play this instrument. I didn't, either," quips Freddie armed with a 12 string acoustic before launching into the ever-familiar guitar riff of Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Here's a review from the next day's Oakland Tribune (confirming it is from the first night), submitted by Victoria Dobbs.

The first picture is from (incorrectly labelled as being from Atlanta), later colour corrected and brightened by Nino Trovato, who added: "Notice the black box just to the right of Deacon's backline. That was known as the dollhouse, where the band would dress or take breaks during Brian's solo or Bohemian Rhapsody."

The second set of pictures was taken by Angus Kenny. The third set could be from either night. A pro picture from one of the Oakland shows can be found at Also, prints of photos by Ken Jackson can be purchased from

A picture of Brian by his stack of Vox AC30s was also taken in Oakland, and can be found on Peter "Ratty" (the head of the Queen crew) Hince's website.

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