City: San Remo, Italy
Venue: Teatro Ariston
Date: February 3, 1984

Radio Ga Ga


Queen were the headlining act at the annual San Remo Song Festival, miming their new single "Radio Ga Ga" in front of a couple thousand fans. It was their first public appearance as a band since 1982, and their first ever performance in Italy. It was shown on TV and watched by approximately 30 million people in Europe. Another version was filmed the following day.

Brian and Roger got into a fight backstage shortly before the band were slated to go on. It ended in laughter when they saw Freddie eating a bowl of cereal in his pyjamas. Many years later, both Brian and Roger stated in interviews that they never got into fights with Freddie - only with each other and John (Freddie was always the peacemaker, they say).

In an Italian newspaper article Freddie Mercury said "The Police and Barry Manilow both pulled out of San Remo when they heard we were top of the bill and they would have to support us. But Boy George turned up. He's a great new talent."

Thanks to Matteo Ricci for clarifying the name of the venue.

The press conference pictures (most of which were taken by Eleonora Pradella a few hours before the show) were submitted by Fabio Minero and Alessio Rizzitelli. The show pics are from Leonardo Pelz (originally from

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