City: Montevideo, Uruguay
Venue: Estadio Centenario
Date: November 23, 1983



In early 1983 Queen's manager Jim Beach and tour manager Gerry Stickells flew to South America with hopes of arranging a few dates for the band later in the year. The tour proved to be too expensive and dangerous, so it was cancelled very early in the process.

This fan club letter clarifies that there were five other dates on the itinerary before they pulled the plug:

1983.11.22 Montevideo, Uruguay
1983.11.26 Porto Alegre, Brazil
1983.12.03 Sao Paulo, Brazil
1983.12.07 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1983.12.09 Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Queen would ultimately never visit Uruguay. They would, however, return to Brazil to headline two huge shows at the Rock In Rio festival in January 1985.

A few gigs in Argentina were also planned for 1983 (initially for January, and then October) but nothing came to fruition because the Argentinian currency continued to fall under the military dictatorship, making it impossible for the band to turn in a profit.

On this exact day in November 1983 it turns out the band would film the now well-known video for Radio Ga Ga. The image of the hand clapping done by the mass of people during the chorus would transfer to the concert atmosphere, often creating a spectacular visual effect at (especially the bigger) shows over the next few years.

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