City: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Venue: Market Square Arena
Date: August 5, 1982

This show was later added to the band's schedule, as it wasn't listed on an early tour itinerary.

In a radio interview before the following night's show in Detroit, Brian May reveals that Freddie's tribute to John Lennon, Life Is Real, was performed for the first time "last night" in Indianapolis.

When Roger Taylor is interviewed, he reveals that the band's pending break was planned well in advance: "I don't think we'll be doing as many regular tours as we have been, I think, because we've been doing it for an awful long time now. I think we'll be leaving it for quite a while after this tour, so this is our grand last slam for a while." It was during this period that the members of Queen needed a break from band life as a whole after years of the "album, world tour, repeat" cycle. But they would continue touring into November before taking most of the next year off.

In the encore of Sheer Heart Attack, Freddie takes his destruction schtick a tad too far after their monitor operator apparently missed a few cues throughout the night, smashing all the buttons he could and leaving it in a state of disarray. The crowd ate it up, but the crew was less than pleased. Freddie apologized to his employees after the gig to smooth things over, but the monitor guy quit.

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