City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Venue: Estádio do Maracanã
Date: March 19, 1981

The second show in Brazil was originally planned to be in Rio de Janeiro, at the famous Estádio do Maracanã, but it, too, was cancelled. The band were denied permission to play the show, even though plans were clearly in motion. An early tour itinerary reveals that this show was booked, and with only one night (March 21) in São Paulo on the table. An article written about earlier shows on the tour reveals that the Rio concert was cancelled close to the date of the show (read here for more information).

When asked about the proposed Rio show in a TV interview before the first São Paulo show, John Deacon says the band are very disappointed. "[It is] a great shame because we have come thousands of miles to South America." He also points out that the band had offered to play the Rio show for charities, but that too was denied (even after offering a significant amount of money to do it). He then apologizes to the people of Rio, and offers them the consolation that they will be able to see the band on television. The ensuing concert was broadcast live shortly thereafter for the country to watch.

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