City: Inglewood, CA, USA
Venue: The Forum
Date: July 8, 1980



This is the first of four nights at the LA Forum. Queen were initially scheduled to play two nights (as indicated by this flyer), but high demand for tickets prompted the addition of two more shows on the 11th and 12th.

As indicated in this review submitted by Olivier Ruth, Somebody To Love hasn't been added to the setlist yet.

Ten seconds of footage from one of the Forum dates was seen on a TV report not long after the show.

Michael Jackson attended one of these shows, meeting the band afterward in their dressing room. He told them that after hearing Another One Bites The Dust on the radio (they weren't yet playing the song on stage), they'd be mad if they didn't release it as a single. It turns out he was quite right, as the r&b-flavoured track would be Queen's best-selling 45 release worldwide, particularly in the US.

Here are two more pro photos from this gig: 1 2

Here's a review of one of the Forum shows.

In 2019, Leif Garrett shared a delightful anecdote from one of these shows at the Forum.

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