City: London, UK
Venue: Alexandra Palace
Date: December 22, 1979

Jailhouse Rock, We Will Rock You (fast), Let Me Entertain You, Somebody To Love, Mustapha, Death On Two Legs, Killer Queen, I'm In Love With My Car, Get Down Make Love, You're My Best Friend, Save Me, Now I'm Here, Don't Stop Me Now, Spread Your Wings, Love Of My Life, '39, Fat Bottomed Girls, Keep Yourself Alive, drum/guitar solos, Liar, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Bohemian Rhapsody, Tie Your Mother Down, Sheer Heart Attack, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen


Before the December 26 charity show was added, this was intended to be the one London show in a large venue (the capacity was 3,000). Plenty of people were not able to go to the previous shows at smaller venues (some of which only held a few hundred people), so the Ally Pally show would accomodate them.

This is the final live airing of Liar until 1982.

This is the last time Freddie wore his silver lurex leotard, as seen in the last photo. He came out for the second encore with a bunch of bananas on his head and threw them out into the crowd. A fan, David Hall, recalls: "I also remember someone throwing back a banana and Freddie catching it without seeming to look."

The first photo set was taken by David Edwards.

Some shots of the Save Me promo video are from this concert. After eons of uncertainty, this is confirmed by the camera flash right after the first line also being seen in the silent 8mm footage (this video comparison by Jakelic highlights this discovery).

Recording length: 23 minutes (1 DVD-R, incomplete)
Video quality: A-
Source: Audience
Lineage: silent Super 8 master > ? > DVD-R (x)

Track listing:
Jailhouse Rock [cut], We Will Rock You (fast) [cut], Let Me Entertain You [cut], Somebody To Love [cut], Death On Two Legs [cut], Killer Queen [cut], Get Down Make Love [cut], Save Me [cut], Now I'm Here [cut], Don't Stop Me Now [cut], Spread Your Wings [cut], Love Of My Life [cut], '39 [cut], Fat Bottomed Girls [cut], Keep Yourself Alive [cut], tympani solo [cut], guitar solo [cut], Liar [cut], Crazy Little Thing Called Love [cut], Bohemian Rhapsody [cut], Tie Your Mother Down [cut], Sheer Heart Attack [cut], We Will Rock You [cut], We Are The Champions [cut], God Save The Queen

23 minutes of the show were shot on 8mm film. Despite being amateur footage, a couple short clips of it appeared in a 2012 documentary on Freddie Mercury called The Great Pretender. Much of the footage is shaky, but some of it is downright brilliant.

Nearly all of Crazy Little Thing Called Love was filmed. Brian must have broken a string towards the end of song, as he's seen with both the Red Special and the Birch copy.

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