City: Bristol, UK
Venue: Hippodrome
Date: December 9, 1979


A couple takes of Crazy Little Thing Called Love were filmed by the BBC during soundcheck, perhaps as a rehearsal for the upcoming charity show on Dec 26. The audio is of one single take, although some bits of the visuals don't match, indicating that the final product is a compilation of the takes.

A review of the PA system the band used on this tour (a Clair Brothers) was published in the next issue of International Musician, saying it hit 110 dB during Brian May's acoustic solo segment in Love Of My Life on this night, and rising to 118 to 125 for the rest of the show - louder than their stadium shows in 1986.

The pictures were submitted by Fabio Minero. A few more photos from the concert can be found at Thanks to Alessio Rizzitelli for the link.

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