City: Liverpool, UK
Venue: Empire Theatre
Date: December 7, 1979


Freddie's black leather pants had both blue and red kneepads just to keep the football fans of both Liverpool and Everton happy, as Brian explained at some point during the show.

For their own amusement during the acoustic set, Brian and Freddie played a bit of Mull Of Kintyre after Freddie mentioned how Wings had just played in Liverpool. Freddie jokingly said, "I'll be Linda McCartney." At another point he was toasting the audience with champagne as he did on the first night ("toasting" meaning "dumping it on the audience"), and a fan who attended both shows knew the gag was coming and chucked some water at him first !

The band perform Liar on the second night in Liverpool, as they always did when playing two consecutive nights at a venue on this tour.

The first picture was taken by Jim Jenkins, and the second by Ian Stewart Brown during We Are The Champions. The third photo set was taken by Doug Price and cleaned up by Ryan Newton, and the last two sets were taken by Gillian Parry and Gary Moss respectively. The third-last photo by Moss was taken at about the same time as the Jenkins photo (and Jenkins can even be seen taking his shot - thanks to Ed for pointing this out).

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