City: Munich, Germany
Venue: Olympiahalle
Date: May 3, 1978



In an interview after the Hamburg show a few weeks back, Mercury lamented that "only the Olympiahalle is big enough to mount our whole rig, especially our giant crown. All other halls are too small." And the one time a venue could accommodate their production on this tour, part of the stage collapsed before the show began. Queen excised a few songs and played a shorter set since too much time was lost in repairing it.

For years, rumours have said the last twenty minutes of the show were filmed by a German TV station, but still only two songs (Keep Yourself Alive and We Are The Champions) have ever been seen on TV. They were first broadcast in the late 70s, and were rebroadcast in 2004 as part of a Japanese TV documentary on Queen called "The Jewels." These two songs from Munich are amongst the best quality footage of the band from the 70s.

The first picture is from a 2013 Danish newspaper article on the band, submitted by Simon Christensen. The last shot was taken by Michael J. Fuchs.

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