City: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Venue: Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Date: March 1, 1977

Freddie is very talkative with the audience tonight. Before introducing Brighton Rock, he takes requests: "March Of The Black Queen... oh, that's a difficult one, *laughs*. Maybe next year." An empty promise to end all empty promises! "I'll tell you what, I have an idea. Right now we'd like to feature Brian May on the guitar, to do one of his solos, okay? This is from the Sheer Heart Attack album; at least I think it is. A song called Brighton Rock." While Freddie always knew who the songwriter of a particular song was, he often forgot which album a song was from. On later tours, Brian, too, was sure to mention that Love Of My Life was Freddie's song. That goes to show how important this issue was to the band.

Before White Man, again responding to the audience's requests, "Death On Two Legs... maybe!" Perhaps at this point the band were thinking about adding the song to the setlist, which would happen a couple months later - but Freddie knew well they weren't playing the song tonight!

After the White Man / The Prophet's Song combo, he says, "That last one requires a lot of energy, let me tell you!" Then Freddie explains, "This next number is ah, it's gone through a lot of changes, and it's finally come to this. This is a slightly new version, hope you like it. It's sometimes called BoRhap. You might recognize it." From listening to the audience reaction on these recordings, one gets a sense of exactly how huge the song was in the mid 70s.

Recording length: 32 minutes (1 CD, incomplete)
Quality: B-
Source: Audience
Lineage: AUD > ? > CDR (x) > WAV (GoldWave speed correction) > FLAC level 8
Track listing:
Brighton Rock, '39, You Take My Breath Away, White Man [cut], The Prophet's Song, Bohemian Rhapsody [cut]

This short recording is average sound quality. The tape speed fluctuates in a few places, but isn't overly distracting.

Recording length: 16 minutes (incomplete)
Quality: B
Source: Audience
Lineage: AUD > Cassette (x) > Technics RS-AZ7 Cassette Deck (no processing) > SoundBlaster Audigy 5/Rx > WAV (iZotope RX wow and flutter reduction, Adobe Audition speed correction, right channel copied to left, merging, and tracking) > FLAC level 8
Track listing:
White Man [cut], The Prophet's Song, Bohemian Rhapsody [cut]

The latter half of the audience tape is circulating from a lower gen copy.

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