City: Miami, FL, USA
Venue: Sportorium
Date: February 19, 1977


The band had a week off after the Philadelphia show. The crew hauled the band's equipment through some brutally bad weather, arriving in Miami a few days prior to the show. It was at this venue where the Tie Your Mother Down video, directed by Bruce Gowers, was filmed. Bruce also directed Bohemian Rhapsody, You're My Best Friend, and Somebody To Love for Queen, as well as Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and John Mellencamp's (then John Cougar) "Jack And Diane." Other notable credits for him include the Eddie Murphy movie "Delirious," Woodstock 1994, Live 8, Live Earth, and American Idol.

Dave Pruitt, a member of the lighting crew, recalls getting "carried away with various powders used in the pyro." Four bars into the song, the button to activate the pyro was pushed, turning the stage into a disaster area. Roger, particularly, wasn't too fond of the crew after this, as he was blown off his drum stool and his drum kit was scattered all over the stage. "Pigeon crap, dust, dirt and who knows what else fell out of the ceiling for many minutes," recalls Dave.

A picture was taken during the video shoot by the head of the Queen crew, Peter "Ratty" Hince, and it can be seen on his website.

The photos seen above were taken by Brian's guitar tech Brian Spencer. The concert pic shows Brian with a Les Paul as a spare (an empty guitar stand is seen on the bottom of the photo).

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