City: Melbourne, Australia
Venue: Festival Hall
Date: April 19, 1976


This is the first of two nights in Melbourne.

Here are two reviews (1, 2) of the show that appeared in the following day's papers, the second of which reveals that Brian played a bit of Waltzing Matilda during his solo in Brighton Rock, and that Freddie has dropped his strip act from Big Spender for the time being.

Also on this day, the Daily Times News in Burlington, North Carolina, would publish an article with the following excerpt:

To anyone experiencing Queen in person, singer and pianist Freddie Mercury and lead guitarist Brian May dominate the show. "I'm a front man," Mercury says. "Just a singer. Brian's the musician. I didn't really start out to be a pianist, you know. It's just something I've discovered I can do well."

The first two pictures were taken by Buffy Waugh. The third one was submitted by Alessio Rizzitelli.

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