City: Sydney, Australia
Venue: Hordern Pavilion
Date: April 17, 1976

This is the first of two consecutive nights in Sydney.

Queen's personal assistant at the time, Pete Brown, shared an anecdote from this date:

"He [Mercury] could be very tough. He often made me cry during the years I worked for him." Driving the band to the venue, Brown found the route led through a crowded fairground and suggested they'd have to get out of their respective limousines and walk. "We had to drive through at snail's pace so as not to injure anyone and Freddie acted up with the champagne all the way!" Irate pedestrians banged on the windows, flipped V-signs, and yelled "Pommy pussies!" "When we got inside, Freddie was in such a cold rage that he picked up a big mirror and literally smashed it over my head. Then he ordered me to find a brush and shovel to sweep up the glass at once." Oddly enough, Brown forgave him: "You see it was the humiliation he had suffered. He just had to take it out on someone. I understood."

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