City: Berkeley, CA, USA
Venue: Community Theater
Date: March 7, 1976

Presumed setlist:
Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part), Ogre Battle, Sweet Lady, White Queen, Flick Of The Wrist, Bohemian Rhapsody (verses), Killer Queen, The March Of The Black Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise), Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Brighton Rock, Son And Daughter, The Prophet's Song, Stone Cold Crazy, Doing All Right, Hangman, Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll, Keep Yourself Alive, Liar, In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited, Now I'm Here, Big Spender, Jailhouse Rock, God Save The Queen


Here are two polar opposite reviews (1, 2) of the show.

Some pro pictures from this show can be seen at, and Thanks to Mike Tremaglio and Alessio Rizzitelli for the latter links.

Queen archivist Greg Brooks once mentioned the possibility of an existing recording from this show.

The photos are © Dan Cuny.

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