City: New York, NY, USA
Venue: Beacon Theatre
Date: February 5, 1976



These pictures from the encore could be from any of the four consecutive nights (February 5-8) at the Beacon Theater. The second one is from Patrice Ackerson.

As indicated by this Village Voice ad, only three nights were originally planned, but ticket demand made a fourth night necessary. In fact, this review of the first night was written without the knowledge that a fourth night had been tagged on.

The second set of show pics were submitted by Juan Guarino (and cleaned up by Rudolf Griva). Here's another photo set that could also be from any of the four nights.

A fan recalls the show: "Queen said somewhere that this was the worst night of this tour. With 27 people from Carteret at the show it is no wonder why. Matty, his brothers, I and others bought 21 tickets at the theatre when they went on sale. I purchased three front row and three third row seats. Left the front row seats for Matt, Ray and Nick. Matt and Ray were to soon enter the Marines. Mike hits Mercury with a flash cube, booed Freddie when he snotted the audience to shut up. Cookies were tossed as well."

Elektra Records threw a party for the band after the show. Attendees include Billie Jean King, Todd Rundgren, David Johansen, Ian Hunter, and Ahmet Ertegun.

Recording length: 3 minutes, incomplete
Video/Audio quality: C+ / B
Source: Pro video
Lineage: Pro > TV > ? > VHS (?) > DVD-R

Track listing:
Now I'm Here [cut]

A few minutes of video footage exist from the soundcheck of one of the four nights at the Beacon Theatre (although I suspect it could be from rehearsals in January, which also took place in New York). Bits and pieces of Now I'm Here were shown on US TV, along with an interview with Freddie Mercury and John Deacon with local NBC reporter Bruce Morrow.

Some of this interview was seen in a 2015 BBC documentary called "From Rags To Rhapsody."

Recording length: 2 minutes, incomplete
Video/Audio quality: A / A
Source: Pro video
Lineage: Pro > ? > NBC website

Track listing:
Now I'm Here [cut]

In 2013 a far superior version of some of the footage was made available on the NBC website.

Recording length: 3 minutes, incomplete
Video quality: A-
Source: Audience
Lineage: 8mm video master (Kodachrome 2 at ISO 25) > avi (HD transfer)

Track listing:
Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part) [cut], Ogre Battle [cut], White Queen [cut], Flick Of The Wrist [cut], The March Of The Black Queen [cut], Brighton Rock [cut], Son And Daughter [cut], Stone Cold Crazy [cut]

This film appeared on the official Queen YouTube channel in 2017, and days later the filmer let out his uncompressed copy. It is amongst the finest 8mm films of the band ever shot.

It's uncertain which of the four nights it's from, but it's unlikely to be from the second night, as the video doesn't match the audio in a couple key spots.

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