City: London, UK
Venue: Hammersmith Odeon
Date: November 29, 1975


This is the first of five consecutive nights at the Hammersmith. In an interview with Harry Doherty before the show, Brian May speaks of the philosophy of their show at the time: "We're a bigger band now and we can afford to plough more into the presentation. We've always lived beyond our means anyway! Dynamics are things we consider worthwhile in a show, just so that we can make it a complete evening out for the fans. The glamour will never take away from the music. We're much too conscious of the music to let that happen. The music is first in everything and if we add a particular effect or particular lights, it's to get across a certain mood at a certain time to emphasise the music. You see, you have to understand it's romantic music we're playing - in the old sense of the word. It's music to tear your emotions apart. There's a kind of personality we share with our audience. We're like that. We're sort of schizophrenic. We like to be serious about some things and not as serious about others."

During his usual toast to the audience, Freddie thanks them for their help in getting Bohemian Rhapsody to number one.

A very complimentary review of one of the five nights can be found at

The first picture was taken outside the venue before one of these shows (it can't be from the well-documented December 24th show, since it mentions Mr. Big, who opened for Queen on the UK tour, not the special Christmas show):

The picture of the band in the liner notes of the 1991 Hollywood Records version of the Sheer Heart Attack album was taken at one of these shows at the Hammersmith Odeon by Mick Rock. The three live pictures seen above were taken at the same show, as seen in his "Classic Queen" book.

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