City: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Venue: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Date: March 29, 1975 - early show


The band had a few days of rest, so they went to see Led Zeppelin at the LA Forum on March 27, which left them, particularly Brian May, dreaming of gracing that stage themselves some day. It would become a reality in less than two years (Freddie, however, stated in an interview later in the year that he found the Zeppelin show to be too loud).

This is yet another two show day for the band. This listing chronicles the earlier of the two shows, at 8pm.

Here is a rather indifferent review of one of the two shows. Much of its contents are understandable, but to say that Queen's show lacked 'musical breadth' suggests that the reviewer may not even heard the entire show. Songs like White Queen, Bring Back That Leroy Brown and Liar were far from predictable and brought much musical diversity and dynamic changes to the show.

The photos were taken by Jim Stidham and Sam Ford. The sixteenth pic is a rare shot of Brian May with a Les Paul as his spare.

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