City: Swansea, UK
Venue: Brangwyn Hall
Date: November 15, 1974

The November 23 New Music Express had an extensive piece on this show and the previous night. Tonight the piano at the venue is missing a leg, so the medley (at least) is dropped from the set.

"Fred Mercury is going bananas - he's caught some of the electricity off the crowd in his pants, or so it seems. He bumps and grinds, struts and pouts and generally shows off. May, in his gentle unassuming way, is spotlighted and particularly impressive on "Son And Daughter". John Deacon on bass, who has much more to the fore, is even beginning to twitch his ass, and Taylor on drums is Doing It like he's a toy that's been wound up and is scared his battery will run out. It is very impressive and, whereas on their last tour there was evidence that here was a band who had great potential, now there is a flash, almost cockily-confident unit. With so much going for them it seems a pity that there is the hang-up with the piano. A missing leg and the pick-up not working properly leaves Mercury no choice but to drop the medley (including of course "Killer Queen"). The audience, however, unaware of the numbers the band should be playing, notice nothing amiss and are ecstatic."

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