City: Harrisburg, PA, USA
Venue: Farm Arena
Date: May 1, 1974

Both Queen and Aerosmith were booked to open for Mott The Hoople. While the two bands argued backstage over who would play first, Brian May and Joe Perry (both of whom couldn't care less about who played when) took the time to get to know each other while sharing a bottle of Jack Daniel's. By the time the bands reached an agreement, both May and Perry couldn't stand up straight. Brian recalls that when the concert began and he played the first chord of Father To Son, he couldn't hear much besides the echo, so he had to play the whole concert from memory.

The next day he was told that his performance was akin to coming out of his shell, making his playing fiery and spicy. That said, because of this experience he promised himself to never again have more than one drink before playing.

However, Steven Tyler recalls it differently: "We played a show one time at Harrisburg Arena in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Queen would not go on because we were the headliners. They refused to open for us and the show was cancelled." Perhaps the excess of the 1970s (or simply time itself) has clouded his memory, as this passage from his autobiography indicates that he has forgotten who the main act were.

This article chronicles all three bands.

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