City: Denver, CO, USA
Venue: Regis College Field House
Date: April 16, 1974


This is Queen's first show in North America. After the success of the '73 UK tour, Mott The Hoople asked Queen to open for them on this tour as well.

Thanks to Greg Osborne for confirming the name of the venue. Here he shares his memories of the show:

"Freddie Mercury appeared somewhat nervous during the show. Although he and Queen performed brilliantly, Freddie would turn his back to the audience at times and step onto Roger Taylor's drum riser with one foot and then let himself down. His head was down at times as if he were concentrating intently on the song or his performance. They were great, as were Mott The Hoople. The crowd was wild and colorful and completely into both bands."

The first two pictures were surely taken at some point during this tour, from a TV documentary on Mott The Hoople which mentions this tour. The gig photos, taken by Les Wilson, are not necessarily from this night, but certainly from a show on this tour.

Here is a great article where Brian May and Roger Taylor discuss this tour, particularly how Mott The Hoople were very influential in the evolution of their theatrical stage persona.

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