City: Manchester, UK
Venue: University
Date: March 20, 1974


It cost a whopping 60p to see Queen on this night.

A roadie tells a story about what seems to be this show (it certainly isn't from the other Manchester dates during this era) in Queen: The Early Years: "Queen had just taken the stage, and this bloke shouted to Freddie, 'You fucking poof.' Freddie demanded that the crew turn the spotlight on the crowd and find this fella. He then said to him, 'Say that again, darling,' and the bloke didn't know what to do. I saw him literally shrink this six-foot bloke down to an inch."

During the show John Deacon's suitcase is stolen, containing his photos taken in Australia in January amongst other things. It was never recovered.

Sharpening and colour correction was done on the pictures by Nino Trovato.

There is currently no known genuine recording from this date. The Manchester recording from October 30 is often disguised as being from this show.

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