City: Liverpool, UK
Venue: Top Rank Club
Date: December 28, 1973

Queen supported 10cc on this night.

In an interview with Record Collector 40 years later, Roger Taylor reveals his fantastic memory when asked if Queen ever toured with 10cc. "No, but we did one gig with them. They were excellent. We had more of a show than they did. They had more of a session vibe, but great, inventive stuff. They weren't a stage act as such."

Since this is the last show of the year, it's likely the last time the band would use the pre-Queen II version of Procession as the opening music. It's uncertain which version they'd use in Australia a month later.

The band were interviewed by Sounds after the tour. John Deacon says the band really enjoyed the gigs in Newcastle, Glasgow and Bournemouth. He also stated that the band placed a lot of emphasis on America but they didn't "want to go out there too soon and blow it." They also add, "We've been thinking a lot about getting in a keyboard. We may get another guy in. It would thicken the sound up. It's a bit limited with only 3 instruments on stage, but we don't want to make it a 5-piece." Such a thing wouldn't happen until 1982 when, interestingly enough, Mott The Hoople keyboardist Morgan Fisher would become the auxiliary musician on stage with them.

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