City: London, UK
Venue: The Marquee Club
Date: April 9, 1973


Trident set this show up as Queen's first as a "signed" band specifically as a showcase for EMI Records personnel, as they managed to strike a deal for the band with the label in March 1973.

Jack Holzman, founder and president of Elektra Records in the US, also attended this gig, now-famously saying afterward, "I have seen the future of pop music and it is a band called Queen." He had received a copy of Keep Yourself Alive (apparently the De Lane Lea demo, not the final studio version) from Norman Sheffield of Trident earlier in the year and signed them to Elektra not long after the show. Things were falling into place.

Over 50 years later, Holzman's son Adam wrote his inherited account of the events, including the fact that Queen wrote to Jack every year in gratitude.

That said, in a review of an Imperial College show later in the year, the writer recalls the band "weren't very together" at this gig six months prior.

A 2020 article also mentions this show: "The Marquee showcase duly made a strong impression, including on Trident's Ken Scott, who was in the audience that night. Well known for his production work with David Bowie, he later said of the gig: 'My view now is exactly as it was then: Wow.'"

The pre-show photos were taken by Mick Rock.

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