City: Truro, UK
Venue: Tregye Country Club
Date: August 21, 1971


This gig, part of a rock festival, was Queen's first outdoor gig. They were the first band to play on the day. The nude flautist pictured in the ad was part of the day's entertainment.

Roger Taylor recalled the show in a 2018 interview: "There are definite gigs I remember around those early years though, like the Tregye Country Club, near Carnon Downs, where the likes of Hawkwind and Arthur Brown all played in a tent. We were way down the bill."

Dave Hook of Graphite, who also was on the bill, said he recalled Queen to be nothing spectacular; just another heavy rock band amongst the rest. But he did recall them being more "arty and stylish" backstage, and that they had a bit of an aura around them because they had people with them. Graphite recorded their performance from this day and eventually released it on CD, entitled "Live In Cornwall 1971." The picture from their set seen above is from Hook's collection.

However, the festival's MC, Gerry Gill, said Queen were brilliant, and in retrospect should not have played first. He says Hawkwind were the best band of the day.

The band would take a brief break from the road for six weeks. On (most likely) September 18, the band had their first recording session at De Lane Lea Studios, booked by Brian May. They recorded a 5 song demo (Keep Yourself Alive, Jesus, The Night Comes Down, Liar, and Great King Rat), which was ultimately rejected by just about every record company who heard it. Only one label, Chrysalis Records, responded with a small offer which the band rejected, but they used the offer to try and entice other companies. The version of The Night Comes Down would be used for the debut Queen album released in 1973, but with a different mix.

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