Official Queen live audio releases

Last updated: October 20, 2018

Some songs have been released on more than one occasion (such as Wembley '86), so this listing highlights the best quality and/or most recent releases of shows/songs.

Full concert releases

12-24-75 London - "A Night At The Odeon" CD
06-05-82 Milton Keynes - "Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl" CD
07-12-86 London - "Live At Wembley Stadium" CD (Tutti Frutti is cut on older versions)
07-27-86 Budapest - "Hungarian Rhapsody" CD

Incomplete concert releases

09-13-73 London - "On Air" LP/CD
03-31-74 London - "Live At The Rainbow" LP/CD
11-19/20-74 London - "Live At The Rainbow" LP/CD
xx-xx-79 Europe - "Live Killers" LP/CD (compilation of at least 7 shows)
03-20-81 Sao Paulo - "On Air" LP/CD
11-24/25-81 Montreal - "Queen Rock Montreal" CD
06-21-86 Mannheim - "On Air" LP/CD
08-09-86 Stevenage - "Live Magic" LP/CD (11 songs; 4 others from London and Budapest '86)

Single songs

12-24-75 London - White Queen (bonus track on 2011 Queen II deluxe edition)
12-24-75 London - Now I'm Here (bonus track on 2011 Sheer Heart Attack deluxe edition)
09-18-76 London - You Take My Breath Away (bonus track on 2011 A Day At The Races deluxe edition)
06-07-77 London - '39 (bonus track on 2011 A Night At The Opera deluxe edition)
11-xx-77 USA - Sleeping On The Sidewalk (News Of The World box set "raw sessions" disc)
12-11-77 Houston - My Melancholy Blues (The Miracle 12"/CD single)
02-27-79 Paris - Fat Bottomed Girls (Bohemian Rhapsody OST)
02-28-79 Paris - Sheer Heart Attack (bonus track on 2011 News Of The World deluxe edition)
12-26-79 London - Now I'm Here (Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea LP)
11-03-82 Tokyo - We Will Rock You (fast) (bonus track on 2011 News Of The World deluxe edition)
11-03-82 Tokyo - Action This Day, Calling All Girls (bonus tracks on 2011 Hot Space deluxe edition)
01-12-85 Rio de Janeiro - It's A Hard Life, Is This The World We Created (bonus tracks on The Works 2011 deluxe edition)
01-19-85 Rio de Janeiro - Rock In Rio Blues (bonus track on Made In Heaven 2011 deluxe edition)
07-11-86 London - Is This The World We Created (Live Magic LP/CD)
07-11-86 London - Another One Bites The Dust, A Kind Of Magic, Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live At Wembley CD, 2003 version)
07-11-86 London - One Vision (bonus track on A Kind Of Magic 2011 deluxe edition)
08-09-86 Stevenage - Under Pressure (Under Pressure "Rah Mix" CD single)