Here are links to a few other informative Queen concert-related websites, all of which I recommend highly because they have something unique to offer: - the finest Queen discussion forum there is - covers virtually all other ground related to Queen's concerts - information about silver and LP bootleg releases, new and old - a lot of information here, including TV appearances, cancelled concerts, and more - detailed information on existing concert videos - includes a link to the informative "Her Majesty's Secret Service" book by Andreas Voigts

Here are a few links that are beautiful examples of individuals and/or music trading communities who have collectively united to document the unofficial recordings of their favourite artists meticulously to ensure that only the best versions circulate:

Genesis -

Led Zeppelin -

Nirvana -

Pink Floyd -

Rush -

Tool -

U2 -

Frank Zappa -

Other great websites: - a fantastic recollection of all things related to Yes concerts - a brilliant analysis of the officially released Led Zeppelin live albums - an extensive database of bootleg reviews - thousands of rock/metal CD reviews