City: Sydney, Australia
Venue: Entertainment Centre
Date: April 25, 1985


A 13 minute TV spot on the band was done on the popular music program Countdown during this concert, the first of four nights in Sydney. The host, Ian "Molly" Meldrum, spoke about the band for a few minutes backstage (Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Bohemian Rhapsody can be heard in the background). They showed a great bit of footage, from about an hour earlier, of the band walking through the corridor as they were heading on stage (while the Machines tape was playing), followed by the first few bars of Tear It Up. Radio Ga Ga was then aired in real time as it was being performed. Some of this song would be later seen on the 1989 Rare Live VHS release. It is rumoured that the entire show was filmed.

While in Australia, Brian, Roger, and John were guest hosts on another episode of Countdown. Meldrum cheerfully referenced Queen's 1974 show at the Sunbury Festival.

The first set of pictures were submitted by Alessio Rizzitelli. It is uncertain which night the last pic is from.

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