City: Seattle, WA, USA
Venue: Seattle Center Coliseum
Date: September 3, 1982

MTV aired a news report about this show, mentioning how Freddie urged the audience to ignore the security and have a good time (which was not unusual for him), but the local police actually made a statement saying how if anyone was hurt or anything was damaged, the band would have been liable.

Here is a glowing review of the show from the Seattle Times (the picture in the article is from 1980; thanks to Rick van der Wal for pointing it out).

The review states that Sheer Heart Attack was performed (most likely in the encore, as it is mentioned alongside We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions), bringing some clarity to a very incomplete picture of what the band were up to later in the tour.

This is the last known performance of Sheer Heart Attack until 1984, when it would be performed only a few more times at the beginning of the European tour.

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