City: Paris, France
Venue: Pavillon de Paris
Date: February 27, 1979


This is the first of three nights in Paris to close off the European tour.

Freddie dubbed a certain group of British fans the "royal family", as they followed the band around from city to city on this tour. One of them shares some memories of this show:

One of the "royal family" threw a bowler hat on stage. It had written on it: "All the way from the UK to say we love you" in sneaker whitener. Freddie picked it up, put it on, and said, "The things you have to do for money," which is heard on Live Killers. For this show, someone also bought about 20 bicycle bells, brought them down on the first night in a carrier bag and handed them out.

Video footage of the first night exists. The only sure bit of available footage is a few seconds of Freddie thanking the audience at the end of the show. See the Paris table for details.

Pro footage of I'm In Love With My Car and Sheer Heart Attack was shown at the 2012 UK fan club convention.

The pictures seen above could be from any of the three nights. The first one was snapped by Jim Jenkins, and the rest were taken by Gillian Parry.

The following pro pictures could also be from any of the three shows in Paris (the last pic is certainly from this night, as Freddie is seen in the bowler hat from the aforementioned anecdote):

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