City: Munich, Germany
Venue: Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle
Date: February 11, 1979


Seven songs from this show (Let Me Entertain You, Now I'm Here, the last half of Bohemian Rhapsody, Sheer Heart Attack, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, and God Save The Queen) were broadcast on German TV about a month later (on March 9), and again in 1991 shortly after Freddie's death. It is a beautiful multi-cam shot. The audio, although mono, sounds about as good as Live Killers. The footage was filmed on 16mm film, and the audio was captured with the Rolling Stones mobile studio, all on the condition that Freddie approved of what he saw prior to broadcast. The songs broadcast were the only songs filmed, and all the raw footage was discarded. Only the broadcast master of these six songs remains, which is tragic since this is amongst the best footage of Queen ever filmed.

Soundcheck footage of Fat Bottomed Girls with hired strippers on bikes (who appeared at the concert) was shown as well, along with phenomenal footage of the crew testing out the lighting rig. An interview with the band concludes the first segment of the program before the concert footage is shown.

When the audience chants for Mustapha before Now I'm Here, Freddie replies, "I've never heard of the bloody song!" He then asks the audience, "Did anybody here come to see us last night?" which indicates that the footage is indeed from the second night.

After the first few vocal exchanges with the audience during Now I'm Here, he says, "You passed the test."

The first five pictures were taken by David Shkurka, and colour corrected by Pittrek. The last one was taken by Jon Somers.

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