City: Fort Worth, TX, USA
Venue: Tarrant County Convention Center Arena
Date: December 10, 1977


Here is a review of the Saturday night show in the Monday 'Dallas Morning News'.

The black and white photos were taken by (and copyrighted to) Curtis Smith.

Bob Harris and his Old Grey Whistle Test crew came with the band on this tour with a pending documentary in mind. Hundreds of hours of footage were reportedly filmed on and off stage. Later this month Bob would state that he filmed the band in Fort Worth and Houston, and he would later state they were in Las Vegas as well.

In the winter 1977 Queen fan club magazine he said an hour-long Old Grey Whistle Test special should air in January 1978, but the project would ultimately be shelved, with a possible reason being the Old Grey Whistle Test producers wanted to focus on punk and new wave instead of an older band like Queen. Most of the footage still has yet to be seen, but some has popped up here and there.

Some post-show backstage footage from Fort Worth and interviews are seen in "The Champions" documentary, aired on US TV in 1979. The black and white interviews of the band seen in the 1995 "Champions Of The World" documentary are from these reels of film as well. Freddie Mercury's interview alone is four hours of tape.

More of this interview footage was seen at the "Stormtroopers in Stilettoes" Queen exhibition in London in early 2011. Some backstage and soundcheck footage was seen (from Fort Worth and Houston respectively), as well as rehearsal footage from Shepperton Studios in London prior to the tour - both from the Bob Harris footage. The rehearsal footage includes bits of Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy and The Millionaire Waltz, and a brief moment of Freddie on the drums and Roger playing the Red Special. The Shepperton portion of the tape ran a bit slowly. Thanks to Nino Trovato and Gary Taylor for helping identify the footage.

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