City: Boston, MA, USA
Venue: Boston Garden
Date: November 12, 1977


Sleeping On The Sidewalk is performed again tonight.

On this tour, Freddie is seen in a leather jacket for the first time, as he is slowly building a more masculine image. He also speaks to the audience with less of the sophistication and campiness, and more of the general rock star attitude.

This review of the show from The Tech was published over two weeks after the fact. The reviewer may certainly have a point about Love Of My Life, as this was only its second performance. It did take a while for them to get comfortable with the song - particularly Brian. But they are wrong about Roger's vocal in I'm In Love With My Car though, as he most definitely sang the song live every time. The fact that the opera section of Bohemian Rhapsody was on tape is what backfired, as many people assume to this day that other integral parts of the show were on tape as well.

Roger Taylor spoke about their concert philosophy in a 2016 interview: "We always tried to inject a certain... it was more about excitement live. There were lots of overdubs on the records, lots of multi-track voices, and trying to exactly reproduce that is kind of an impossibility without cheating. So we kind of went for the excitement in the live interpretations. Danger was our business."

The pictures were taken by Waring Abbott.

Here are a few pro pics from the show: 1 2 3 4

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