City: Nagoya, Japan
Venue: Aichi Taikukan
Date: April 22, 1975

Brian May's solo spot is pretty long, but it has a few gorgeous moments.

Freddie, after his band intro: "Now then, we'd like you all to join in for this next number." An audience member shouts "Liar!" Freddie responds, "No, it's not Liar. This is a number, we'd like you to sing along if you know the words. You can stand up and clap your hands. Keep Yourself Alive!"

Near the end of the song, the band take an extra couple bars to get into the "Do you think you're better every day" part.

Recording length: 18 minutes (1 CD, incomplete)
Quality: C+
Source: Audience
Lineage: TC-1020 > Cassette > DAT > PCM-D50 > Samplitude > FLAC
Track listing:
Son And Daughter [cut], Keep Yourself Alive

This recording emerged in September 2010. It is a bit distant and distorted.

More was taped, but this is all that survived.

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