City: Aylesbury, UK
Venue: Friars Club
Date: March 2, 1974


In a 2013 interview with Record Collector, Roger Taylor is asked about stage outfits. "Zandra Rhodes made us a whole bunch of stuff, which I wore once at Friars in Aylesbury, and I sweated so much I never wore it again."

The scan of the newspaper ad was submitted by David Maguire, as well as these articles (1, 2) mentioning this upcoming show. The writer of the latter references the newly-released Seven Seas To Rhye single, but mistakenly refers to the B-side as the hit song.

Here is a review of the show. It reveals that Great King Rat is now in the set.

The review also mentions that Brian May's infected arm [from an inoculation required to enter Australia in January] is starting to bother him. This would prove to be a problem in the US within a couple months.

This venue was of great importance to many David Bowie fans, including Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, as they had witnessed Bowie's first concert as Ziggy Stardust here on January 29, 1972. Thanks to Sebastian for pointing this out.

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