City: Edinburgh, UK
Venue: Caley Cinema
Date: November 25, 1973

An interesting article from a 1974 German magazine mentions this show. Here is an approximate translation (noting that the mention of Seven Seas Of Rhye being performed at the concert is clearly a fabrication, as they didn't perform the song until it was released in 1974):

Today we introduce England's new Supergroup "QUEEN"


For about four years QUEEN have worked as a warm up act for superstar bands. Now they join the circle - because of their hit "Seven Seas of Rhye."

Freddie Mercury acts wild on the stage, playing with his microphone, shaking his long black hair and sings "Seven Seas of Rhye." Then it happens - about one hundred fans storm the stage at this Edinburgh show. Freddie escaped with a jump off the stage. Roger Taylor (drums) and two roadies didn't have that much luck. The fanatic fans run over them and they get injured, so the show ends up in hospital for them. "That's crazy" said Freddie after the mob has calmed down. They couldn't go on with the show cause their sound system was heavily damaged in the riot. "We've played together for four years now, started in small clubs, and since about a year, we work as warm up acts for harder rock groups like "Mott the Hoople" ... but I've never seen anything like this. I have to be more gentle and not drive the people that wild - otherwise we'll get banned from British stages. And that we don't want."

Responsible for all that - Their hit "Seven Seas of Rhye." Within two weeks that song gave them the status as the new "QUEEN" of the British rock camp. "Now we want to get famous in Europe and America - but without any riots. We don't support that kind of thing. Our song is about peaceful and nice things in a fantasy land called Rhye" said Freddie.

Look out for a colored Queen feature in our next print.

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